Pressure die-casting are not always perfectly impermeable to gas and liquids. Microporosities, created during the pressure die-casting process, are often invisible or emerge during machining.
Vacuum impregnation, can solve once and for all most leaking problems. Impregnation is operated in autoclave and it consists of filling, with special resins, all microcavities present on the surface or hiding deeper in the pieces. A sequence of washings follows, to clean the pieces from silicate residuals. In most cases, impregnation, is one of the stages provided in the processing of pieces: such a stage, in Comer, can be carried out without any further logistic handlings.


The impregnation plant is internal the firm site and allows Comer to rapidly solve, without further logistic costs, any porosity problem. Impregnation stage is complementary to the leaking tests one

impreganzione comer
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